Thermal and Acustic Insulation

At Zenic Insulation services we specialize in insulation for your home, office, garage, and any place there is a need:

About Insulation

Insulation is a necessity for the place you live or work. It keeps your place warm in the winter and holds the cool, air-conditioned environment in the summer. Insulation helps muffle disturbing sounds from your neighbours. It is also necessary for protecting and preventing your home from structrual damage such as rot and mold, which can have serious repercussions if left unnoticed.

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Graph showing the effects of insulation

graph showing the effect of insulation

About Cellulose Insulation

We use certified Cellulose Insulation for a majority of our project but we also use polyurethane foam for small projects.

Cellulose Attic Insulation

Cellulose insulation being applied into the attic. R-Value is brought up to an R-50, depending on what the city requires. R-50 is about 16 inches.

Cellulose Ceiling and Wall Insulation

Cellulose is being applied to the ceiling for thermal and acoustic purposes. 1" holes are drilled every 16" between the studs. The cellulose travels about 5 feet both ways so for larger walls, an additional series of 1" holes is required. The holes are then patched up with plaster. When the plaster in the holes is dry, it easy to sand and paint over.

About Glass Mineral Wool Insulation

We use Jet Stream® MAX Glass Mineral Wool Blowing Insulation.

Glass Mineral Wool Blowing Attic and Sidewall Insulation

Knauf Insulation Jet Stream® MAX glass mineral wool Blowing Insulation is an unbonded, virgin fibrous glass blowing insulation designed with optimal thermal properties in addition to excellent coverage and blowing characteristics.

Jet Stream MAX Blowing Insulation provides you with a choice of R-values based on the installed thickness and installed weight per square foot. The tables to the right show the minimum requirements for obtaining the desired R-value. The stated thermal resistance (R-value) is provided by installing the required number of bags per 1,000 sq. ft. of net area, at not less than the labeled minimum thickness (per the manufacturer’s instructions). Failure to install both the required number of bags and at least the minimum thickness will result in lower insulation R-values. Field blending of this product with other loose fill insulation or application of this product in conjunction with adhesive or binder systems may affect its thermal performance and is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Knauf Insulation Jet Stream MAX glass mineral wool blowing insulation is installed in open attics of both new and existing structures and/or in closed cavity applications with the BIBS® system (Blow-in-Blanket System) in which ventilation is not required. Loose fill blowing insulation is intended for use where pneumatically installed insulation is most cost-effective.