About Zenic Insulation Services Ltd.

We are full service company

Zenic logo At Zenic Insulation Ltd. we offer a full line of services in thermal and acoustic insulation for more than seventeen years. We specialize in Cellulose blown-in insulation for attics, walls and ceilings, including old insulation removal for Fibreglass, Vermiculite, Cellulose, and Asbestos insulation. We also do bathroom hose, bathroom roof vent, and bufles installation. We will provide you with Inspector Home Energy Assistance.

With our experience we provide:

At Zenic Insulation Services we specialize in insulation for your home, office, garage, and any place there is a need:

We also remove old damaged and no longer effective insulation: Vermiculite, Fibreglass, Cellulose, Asbestos.

The Best of Insulation 2011 Toronto Awards

Our company Zenic Insulation Ltd. received The Best of Insulation 2011 Toronto Award by HomeStars community! You can read more at HomeStars webpage.