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Welcome to Zenic Insulation Services webpage!

We offer full services in thermal and acoustic insulation on both residential homes and commercial buildings. We provide installation of blown-in Cellulose for attics, walls and ceilings. We also remove old damaged and ineffective insulation such as Fibreglass, Cellulose, Vermiculite, and Asbestos. We solve mold and condensation problems in attic areas. With our help you can make your home or office more comfortable place which is also safer, more energy efficient and better for the environment!

Recent Work

HomeStars 'Best of Insulation' Award

The Best of Insulation 2011  Toronto Award

We are proud to announce that our company was awarded The Best of Insulation 2011 Toronto Award by HomeStars community! Read more atHomeStars webpage.


We accept and process payments from credit cards VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Interac. We also accept cheques.


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